“Birdbrain” gets 20% of the PA primary vote spelling disaster for Trump

“Birdbrain Out” Says Trump! After reports had surfaced that Donald Trump was considering “Birdbrain” — that’s his favorite name for Nikki Haley —  to be his running mate. Why Nikki Haley? Why now? Does she like dogs? It’s the invisible elephant in the room. The haunting specter which gives Donald Trump night sweats when all alone in his separate little room.  Alone in his separate little bed.

In the final Republican Party Pennsylvania primary. “Birdbrain” took 20% of the Republican vote, despite dropping out of the race a solid month before election day. Can you say, What Whoa? What’s more, she took up to 25% of the suburban Republican vote. GOT THAT?  SHE HAD DROPPED OUT OF THE RACE A MONTH BEFORE ELECTION DAY AND SHE STILL GOT 20% OF THE VOTE.

Either Nikki Haley is the new born Queen of the Republican Party. Rising like a rock star out of the ooze of the party to meteoric fame and adulation, or around 20% of the Republican voters don’t like Trump. “I know, let’s vote for that lady who dropped out of the race a month ago!”

Consider this was a primary vote which many decided to sit out. Yet in this contest 20% of Republican voters took the time out of their busy day to tell Trump to get lost. Or 20% of the Republican Party electorate are clueless and not paying attention as to what goes on. Possibly, but those are primarily Trump voters. There is a serious math problem here for Team Trump.

For Donald Trump to have even a ghost of a sliver of any chance at a narrow victory, everything must fall his way. He must win every single swing state and every toss-up race. Pennsylvania blows that scenario all to hell and back. If Trump gets his ass kicked in Pennsylvania, it’s going to be an early election night. Trump piling on votes in Alabama or South Dakota won’t matter. Trump will be toast before bedtime.

Let’s just use that 20% discontent number as our barometer. Maybe Trump is only down 10% ii Indiana and only down 5% in Ohio. It signals in a forty-foot-tall banner headline with arc lights, “Trump Can’t Win!” The Republican electorate won’t get angry and form spontaneous anti-Trump rallies roaming the streets chanting, “We were fooled!”

Old Trumpers don’t get mad, they just fade away. I can’t vote today; I have to adjust the headlights on my truck. I’ll vote twice next time! It’s all fixed anyway, so why even bother? A simple case of missing by a lot. Last time around, Trump was much more (relatively speaking) focused. This time around he’s scatter shot. He is cursing judges and promising mass deportations. Sure, it sounds like a lot of fun, but how do you get behind it?

Vote Trump curse more Judges! I think it was Lincoln who wrote, “You can fool some of the people some of the time. And most of the Republicans all of the time.“ That most is 80% of the Republican voters in Pennsylvania with 20% of voters not likely to show up. Enthusiasm! You can’t spell enthusiasm without a thu. The nihilist Trumpers will perceive the election as just another George Soro’s led plot to fool the stupid indoctrinated masses. Regardless of the size of the Trump landslide. The truth will be suppressed by the deep state. So, I’ll just stay home, drink beer and watch the football highlights on TV.

On the other side of the street, the Spock Republicans see another Trump presidential run as a waste of perfectly good air. These Republicans can do simple math. Trump lost the popular vote by three million votes in 2016. Seven million votes in 2020 and is projected to lose by possibly ten million votes this time around. Anyone have a Sharpie handy to connect the dots?

The Pennsylvania vote affirms that point. They are living in a fantasy land. Maybe we should nominate Santa Claus? Everybody likes Santa Claus! The Pennsylvania numbers are trying to tell them something, and they just aren’t receiving the message. They do not want to hear the message. “No, no, no you can’t make me listen! “La, la, la, la! I don’t believe you! Your numbers are just a liberal plot. I don’t trust your terrorist Arabic numerals anyway.

Boy, did you see the Trump rally?

The secrets of a successful Trump Rally, “Secondary Market” (no competition) + Saturday + FREE! (Most essential) Trump holds a rally at an amusement park, how appropriate. You could eliminate half the crowd at a Trump rally by charging a simple surcharge of one dollar admission. The curious locals hoping to be groupies for a day on Fox News!

Hold the rally outside and let your friends at the local Faux News affiliate claim 80 to 100,000 people attended. STOP! Think Rose Bowl, Kentucky Derby or Indy 500. That crowd was nowhere near 80 to 100,000 people. But it really wouldn’t matter if it was.

The late Jimi Hendrix used to lament that he sometimes felt like nobody was really listening. His concerts were just a thing that came to town to see like the circus. Just something to see and do on the weekend.

The fact that Nikki Haley is still getting 15% – 20% of GOP votes in primaries tells us that Trump is dead meat in November.  Some of these people will vote for Biden, some will stay home, some will simply not vote for President.  Either way, it took only a few votes for Trump to win the Electoral College in 2016 — he does not have those votes now.