Stupid goes all the way to the bone

At some point in our lives we grow out of the childhood fantasy stage. Not these idiots.

I have been following the Proud Boys trial and reading the Proud Boys e-mails, public comments, and text messages. Same for the “III Percenters” and the “Oath Keepers”.  It’s unbelievable.

These idiots have always fantasized they are the true American patriots who would one day rise up like the Americans of 1776 and overthrow a tyrannical government. Then Trump showed up and played them for the childlike fools they are.

When Trump tweeted “Come to the Capitol, it’s going to wild!!”, they took that as verification their fantasy was real, coming true. In their e-mails, text messages, public and private comments  they were giddy with excitement. They were so happy they were going to repeat 1776. How in the hell can you repeat 1776? They actually believed they were going to take over the government.

I will never understand how grown men can be so stupid. It’s like they never grew up. I wonder if any of them have figured out Trump played them for the fools they are. Maybe they will figure it out as they sit in their prison cells for many years.

But then again, maybe not.  Ugly is skin deep but stupid goes all the way to the bone.