Republican rhetoric must stop . . . calling for violence, demonizing political opponents

Millions of Americans are immersed in a twisted world where language used to describe autocrats is being applied to America’s democratic institutions.

The draconian rhetoric, once reserved for the likes of tyrants and dictators, has become commonplace in right-wing media when referring to President Joe Biden and the elected government he leads. The dark and sinister language, normalized on mainstream conservative platforms such as Fox News, has been on full display this week during coverage of Donald Trump’s third indictment.

The Biden White House is referred to as the “Biden regime.” Federal law enforcement are referred to as the “Gestapo” and Biden’s “personal police force.” Institutions such as the Department of Justice are referred to as “the Department of Injustice.” The indictments against Trump are referred to as “political war crimes” and an “assassination.”
Talk of imprisoning Democratic politicians — and even their families — in acts of revenge is par for the course. Even floating the outright execution of Biden, as Charlie Kirk recently did, is accepted in the warped world of MAGA Media, where the audience has been programmed through years of conditioning to welcome such vile rhetoric into their homes.

None of this is an exaggeration. It is the reality of what is being broadcast in millions of homes across the country.

“I think it’s hard to overstate the dangers here: This language moves beyond mere demonization because it suggests a need for violent resistance,” Charlie Sykes, a former conservative talk-radio host and an editor-at-large of The Bulwark, told me Thursday. “It’s language that undermines the integrity, the democratic institutions, and the justice system itself. And there’s a constant escalation without much concern where this leads or who might act on the idea that our opponents aren’t just wrong — but evil, dangerous, and illegitimate.”

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You have to read the entire article..assassination and murder are now being talked about openly..Talk of going to war ..and a staggering 70 percent of Republicans say the election was not legitimate!

This is a cancer that is growing in this country thanks to Donald Trump and right wing media.. It reminds me of the years leading up to the Civil War..Its poison these bastards are pumping into the heart of America..
I have NEVER seen anything like this!

We need to convince those on the fence or sitting on their lazy asses that this is is an attempt to start a Civil War and IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!


I live in a rural Virginia county that is overwhelmingly Republican and pro-Trump.  The pro-Democratic Party and Democratic candidate bumper stickers on my old truck have earned me more than my share of middle fingers, curses, and road rage incidents. Since 2016 when a Republican threatened me with a pistol because of my “Clinton for President” sticker, I now carry a loaded pistol in all three of my vehicles.