Remember the “Steele Dossier,” which is where this all started?

The Steele Dossier is a collection of observations and
anonymous witness accounts, known only to the collator,
Christopher Steele. At a later date, he provided the FBI with
details of some of his contacts.

The research was originally undertaken by Steele in a contract
capacity to FusionGPS, and was commissioned by the
Republican Party, funded by The Washington Free Beacon.

Later the research was undertaken by Steele/Orbis and was
funded by the Democratic National Convention (DNC), and the
Clinton Campaign. It was after this second operation that the
dossier was compiled.

At first, obtaining intelligence from Moscow went well. For
around six months—during the first half of the year – Steele was
able to make inquiries in Russia with relative ease. It got harder
from late July, as Trump’s ties to Russia came under scrutiny.
Finally, the lights went out. Amid a Kremlin cover-up, the
sources went silent and information channels shut down.

On his own initiative, Steele decided to also pass the
information to British and American intelligence services,
because he believed the findings were a matter of national
security for both countries.

It need be noted that the dossier was not the basis of the FBI
investigation, nor was it used by Mueller, although some small
reference was made to it.

The original investigation came about because Alexander
Downer, then Australia’s High Commissioner in London,
met socially with George Papadopoulos in London and
information from this meeting caused Downer concern enough
to alert the FBI. They then opened a counterintelligence
investigation into Russia’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 US
Presidential election, and whether there was any involvement
by Donald Trump’s associates.

NONE of the dossier contents has EVER been disproven.  None.  Not one.