Let’s cut through the crap and talk about the real Donald J. Trump

Trump is a buffoon, a caricature of a self-made man, a fraud in every sense of the word.

He’s a liar, a cheat, a cardboard persona.

He’s corrupt to the bottom of his mean, shriveled, little heart.

So what is it that makes millions of people willing to follow him to the gates of hell or into an insurrection against their own country?

In a word, the “Media”. He is a media made creature. He is fake. He is make believe. He is not real.

For decades he put himself in the New York papers by making late-night telephone calls to reporters, telling them fantastic things about about Mr. Trump, posing as the fictional “John Barron”.

Then came The Apprentice. That piece of garbage ran for 15 seasons. Fifteen years of the ‘fake’ billionaire making deals and firing people on television.

The big man with the big jet, the beautiful women, and the golden palace in Trump Tower. Oh, to be him or the woman with him, his ardent watchers thought.

All the while he’s scamming everyone he comes in contact with: contractors, vendors, employees, customers. He’s playing ‘find the money’ with the IRS, and making deals with Russian oligarchs awash in cash. And isn’t he fortunate that every AG anywhere in New York (until recently) can’t seem to find any crimes to charge him with?

Then, for reasons still not fully known, he decides to slither down his golden escalator for a run for President of the United States, and to his surprise and the world’s chagrin, the lying, cheating, corrupt buffoon ‘wins’. Then the crimes really begin. He couldn’t help himself, there was a smorgasbord of stuff to steal, so many corrupt deals to be made. Money flowed into his golden coffers.

He didn’t want it to ever end. And that is when he decided that he would be President Forever.