Details of the January 6 coup that was intended to topple our Constitutional Republic

The House of Representative’s Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the US Capitol is gradually tightening a noose around Donald Trump’s neck as well as the necks of his co-conspirators who plotted a coup to destroy our Constitutional Republican and replace it with a single-party dictatorship.

While some will say Trump’s coup failed, so, relax, the fact is we cannot relax because a failed coup is simply a rehearsal for the next coup.  In every other country, when a coup fails, the leaders are either (1) executed, often on the spot; (2) jailed for life; or, (3) exiled to a foreign country.  To date, nothing has happened to the plotters and leaders of the January 6, 2021, coup attempt.  As of late June 2022, it appears that the Dept of Justice is investigating the role of Trump and his advisors in planning and executing the Jan 6 coup.  Let’s hope these coup plotters will suffer one of the three  possible fates.

Here is a website that provides an excellent detailed summary of the Committee’s investigation and hearings.  The site includes witness statements in PDF format as well as videos of each day’s hearings.


January 6 was an attempted coup.

An attempted coup the same as in the “banana republics”, the same as in other third-rate, unstable shithole countries.  In every other country where a coup failed, those who planned and led the coup suffer one of three fates:  (1) execution, often on the spot; (2) life in prison; or, (3) exile to another country.  So far, nothing of the sort has happened to Trump and the men around him who planned this coup.  For that reason, we must assume that the Jan 6 attempted coup was simply a dress rehearsal for the next Trump-led coup . . . and the next one will succeed and end out Constitutional democratic republic.

What if Trump’s attempt to steal the election went much deeper than we know?

In fact, it is likely that Trump’s plot was MUCH DEEPER than anyone thought.

“Proud Boys,”  “III Percenters,”  “Oath Keepers”:  Little boys who never grew up.

The Jan 6 rioters were ordinary people, twisted into monsters by years of rightwing lies, propaganda, and bullshit

Jan 6 Committee to expose direct links between Trump and the lynch mob that attacked the US Capitol.

Trump planned, ordered, and executed the entire Jan 6 attempted coup

Jan 6 rioters were a bunch of spoiled 2-yr-olds who are now being treated like adults — and going to jail

Here’s a link to a long article that describes exactly why what Trump did on Jan 6 was a coup.

Five ways Trump tried to stay in power.

Now we know the names of the traitors who signed the phony Electoral College letters.

Here is a link where you can read the phony Electoral College letters.


The “Steele Dossier” — where this all started, sort of