We stand at a critical historic juncture

Unless you are asleep or purposely ignorant, you know that we are watching the breakup of a long standing US political party.

The tectonic plates are shifting right in front of us.

The Republican Party – the Grand Old Party — has been taken over by Trump’s “MAGA” and international dictatorial political forces with whom Trump and the MAGAts are aligned.

They have become a crime syndicate, not a political party.

The GOP has broken into two pieces:

1. Those who are fine with being criminals to obtain power and wealth and aligning with sinister foreign powers.

2. Those who cannot go that direction. However, like “deer caught in the headlights,” these people are paralyzed and don’t know what to do.

But we see signs that this “deer in the headlights” group is waking up and either joining forces with the Democratic Party, or speaking out (weakly) about the direction of the GOP, or, simply sitting silent.

It is this “deer in the headlights” group that will decide the future of our nation. If they only speak out or, worse, sit silent, the dictatorial, anti-democratic MAGAts will win. November 5, 2024, will tell the tale.

So – the question for Republicans is this: What do you do between now and on November 5? Do you (1) sit silent and do nothing, or (2) speak out (weakly), or, (3) vote for Democrats – because if you choose (1) or (2) this nation as we know it will no longer exist. We stand at the same point as did Germany in the 1930’s when they elected Hitler.