VFAF is a joke . . . and a bad one at that

VFAF — Virginians for America First — proclaims themselves to be working to protect election integrity in Virginia.  They have a fancy website that promises — but does not deliver.  Their executive director is “Bishop” Leon Benjamin — a three-times failed candidate for Congress.  Following the 2020 election, VFAF “volunteers” went throughout Virginia, interrogating Voter Registrars; invading Registrars’ offices; sponsoring batshit-crazy “investigators” such as Seth Kestel and Lady Draza — and Mike Flynn; and attempting to slip “observers” into 2021 polling places — all to no avail.

And now we discover:

  • Their mailing address is 7330 Staples Mill Road, Richmond.  That address is a UPS store.
  • Their URL has changed and the website now has been taken over by their parent organization, the dark-money group “The American Policy Center”.
  • And, best of all, their corporate charter in Virginia is about to become inactive.

Meanwhile, the Virginia State Corporation Commission record for VFAF reads as follows:

Entity Status:

Pending Inactive
Reason for Status:
Annual Registration Fee Past Due and/or Penalties Unpaid and Annual Report Past Due – Not in Good Standing