Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green, and their band of Howler Monkeys are fascists and are a real threat to the country

MTG is a Christian nationalist fascist, who is incandescently ignorant and intellectually addled. This makes her highly susceptible to being manipulated — which she has been — by a hostile foreign power. This loathsomeness, combined with the cynicism, nihilism, and sheer nuttery of the MAGA high command, presents a clear, present and compelling danger to the nation.

What these people are is obvious and clear. Their re-appearance at the end of the long life spans of the survivors, liberators, collaborators, and perpetrators of the 20th century’s greatest war, crimes and atrocities is no accident. It may be a providential tragedy or comedy, but it is no coincidence. Millions would have once, and not so long ago, immediately recognized the threat to liberty bearing its fangs. Those people would have understood and trembled because they knew it had been ignored once before when it was gathering.

There was a singular lesson instilled in the societies of all free people everywhere after the catastrophe. It was simple: “Never again.” The misapplication of the principle led America down many tragic roads, including the Vietnam War, but it prevented the re-emergence of humanity’s deadliest virus, while simultaneously creating the conditions necessary for the collapse of Soviet totalitarianism and the domination of Russia over Eastern Europe.

Donald Trump is an American fascist. MAGA is a fascist cause. The GOP is controlled by the fascist faction called MAGA — lock, stock and barrel.