Some people are unbearably stupid and proud of it

What can we expect from  people who believe:

  • an election was ‘stolen’ without a shred of evidence,
  • who believe that M&Ms are part of a leftist agenda,
  • who believe that vaccines contain tracking devices meant to spy on them,
  • who believe that Antifa stormed the Capitol on January 6th in order to stop the man they wanted to be president from being certified as such, and
  • who believe that Biden is about to confiscate their gas stoves?

We certainly cannot expect them to understand the difference between stealing classified documents and repeatedly lying about it and uncovering classified documents and immediately returning them to NARA.

Expecting the Unbearably Stupid to smarten-up is like expecting bears to stop shitting in the woods and start shitting in the Capitol rotunda, which is what “patriotic” Republicans do.