Let’s take a deep look at the piece of shit that is Trump.

Let’s take a deep look at the piece of shit that is Donald Trump and that, by extension, is the pieces of shit who support him.

He ran for office thinking he could avoid prosecution. He was proven wrong.

He stiffed over 3,500 contractors, knowing they couldn’t afford prolonged legal battles.

His Trump University misled veterans and everyday people, resulting in millions in fines.

He used $250 million from your donations as his “defense” fund to cover personal expenses.

He manipulated elderly supporters by quietly setting up recurring donations, draining their bank accounts.

Trump and his children stole money from a children’s cancer charity.

At last, he’s facing consequences for trying to undermine U.S. democracy by pulling all stops to snatch an election he knew was lost. He even went to the extent of calling for the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution, which he vowed to defend.

If you still believe he’s innocent, the problem isn’t with him; it’s you. You are in a cult.

Trump’s other achievements:

-Gave over $1.7 TRILLION (5 times student relief )in tax breaks two the ultrarich.

– $7.8 TRILLION added to deficit. His only “accomplishment” was 8 miles of new wall – that Mexico was suppose to pay for.

-$150 Million in costs for Secret Service protection while he played golf

-Had to be praised every 5 minutes

-Lied over 30,000 in 4 years

-Kissed Putin’s ass in Helsinki in front of the world.

-Was impeached twice in 1-term

-Asked for dirt on his opponent, twice

-Tried everything to steal our election.

-Taxpayers overpaid for his Secret Service protection because he charged the agency $1200 per night for staying at his properties.

-Gave Taliban their leader and 5,000 soldiers, with no exit plan for May 2021.

-His campaign chair, NSA chief and others were indicted, convicted, then he pardoned them.

-Called himself THE CHOSEN1!

-Pleaded the 5th 440 times.

-Took over $250 million from his supporters when he left office for “Defense Fund” to pay his own personal bills.

-Stole our national secrets for who knows why. Many Top Secret folders were empty – where did the documents go?

-Met with Putin with no records kept of their discussions.

Trump’s Taxing Concerns in China:

The New York Times unveiled Trump paying over $188,000 in taxes to China between 2013-2015, while maintaining an undisclosed bank account there. He paid more taxes to China than to the U.S.

Shady Transactions Post White House: His son-in-law, despite failing a White House security clearance, received $3.1 billion from a foreign government right after leaving office

Allegations of Trump’s Criminal Acts:
Election Conspiracy: Trump’s alleged efforts to halt the 2020 election certification via fraudulent tactics and pressuring officials.

Obstruction Charges: Accusations of obstructing the January 6th Congress certification, particularly through urging Pence to invalidate the election and stirring the Capitol insurrection.

Allegedly intimidating election officials and disenfranchising voters.
Evidence Handling: Retaining unauthorized documents, only revealing them post-FBI search, pointing to potential criminal intent.

Comparisons: Unlike previous classified document cases, evidence here suggests a clear intent to lie and hide sensitive information.

Trump’s Ties to Russia:

Financial Dependencies: Eric Trump’s 2014 admission about banking on Russian finance.  Eric told Golf Digest magazine:  “We don’t need money from banks, we get all the money we need from Russia.”

The 2016 Campaign: Donald Jr.’s tryst with a Russian agent for dirt on Clinton, combined with Trump’s open request to Russia for her “missing” emails.

Paul Manafort: Sharing election details with a Russian, resulting in a subsequent pardon.

Russian Investigation Results: Yielded 199 charges, 37 indictments, and 5 incarcerations.

Michael Flynn’s Sanction Talks: Trump’s NSA was discovered privately assuring Russia about reducing sanctions.

Helsinki Summit: Trump disregarded U.S. intel in Putin’s favor.

Hidden Meetings with Putin: Only a translator in attendance with no notes allowed.

Revealing Conversations: Openly confessing to the Russian envoy about firing the FBI Director to lessen the Russian probe pressure.

Energy Sector Attacks: His mute response to Russia’s attack on our energy infrastructure is unsettling.

4th Indictment Against Trump: Trump is accused of multiple actions to overturn Georgia’s election results, including spreading false claims of fraud, pressuring state officials, and soliciting pro-Trump electors. He allegedly abused his power, targeted investigators, and filed misleading lawsuits.

These allegations suggest deliberate election fraud and misuse of power.

Third Indictment:

-Conspiracy to Defraud the US: Accused of unlawfully disrupting the 2020 election by making fraudulent claims and pressuring officials.

-Obstructing an Official Proceeding: Accused of hindering Congress’s January 6 certification of election results.

-Obstruction of Official Proceeding: Alleged to have impeded certification by pressuring Pence and inciting the Capitol riot.

-Conspiracy Against Rights: Accused of intimidating election officials and disenfranchising voters.

Second Indictment Highlights:

-Knowledge and Intent: Accused of withholding subpoenaed documents, suggesting possible illegal intent.

-Obstruction of Justice: Allegedly kept unauthorized documents hidden from the National Archives.

-Evidence Depth: Varied evidence indicates illegal document acquisition and concealment attempts.

Additional Notes:

-Document Selection: The 31 indictment documents were likely chosen for relevance.

-Comparison to Other Cases: The evidence stands out compared to Biden’s and Clinton’s cases due to Trump’s concealment and deception.

We can and deserve better than this guy.

We can and do deserve better than these DO-NOTHING Republicans with their AmericaFirst slogan..