Does anyone else find it odd that NONE of Trump’s family is at his trial?

I find it odd that his own family is not at his trial.  Not one sibling, not any family, not any friends — if he has friends – – where are they?

I know if my wife or other family member were on trial, I would try to be there at least one day.  If Melania couldn’t do this thing because of the infidelity details, she is not even out there campaigning.   I find that odd as well.  When he is outside the courthouse, why doesn’t someone ask him where is his support — other than his lawyers?

Ivanka?  Don Jr.?  Eric?  Lara?  Melania?  Siblings?    Hannity?  Not there !  I wonder if the jury will wonder the same thing.

I am pretty sure he doesn’t want them there for what can come out in testimony but that wouldn’t stop me if someone I cared about was being tried for 39 felonies — however many there are.  Lindsay isn’t there either.

Seriously, we know our Dem presidents and their wives and kids would be there front and center or campaigning. if this sort of thing was happening.    Can you imagine Michelle or Jill or Hillary sitting at home ?  I can’t.

He is likely the most hated or unloved person in America, and he brought it all on him self.

Melania is probably gathering up every dime she can before any more disappears.  Think about it– Jared and Ivanka didn’t even post his bond.