After the June 27 “debate,” how about we all just calm down

I, too, was very disappointed and depressed at President Biden’s performance in the June 27 “debate.”  In fact, I turned it off about 30 minutes in.

I have heard — as we all have heard — the calls for Biden to step aside and let us Democrats nominate a younger person.

I agree that Biden — in 2020 — should have announced that he would not run for re-election in 2024 and he would help the Democratic Party find a younger candidate.

But that’s as far as it goes.

Why is no one calling for Trump to be replaced?  After all, he has been found guilty (1) on 34 felony fraud charges; (2) fouind guilty of bank, insurance, and real estate fraud and is facing $400 million in fines; (3) as well as facing serious charges the he violated various parts of the US Espionage Act.  Why no calls for him to be pushed aside?

Why is no one reporting that every word out of Trump’s mouth was a LIE.

Now, let’s look at some facts.

The Republican National Committee is going into the Presidential election almost broke.  Furthermore, Trump’s daughter-in-law is now in charge of RNC finances and she is directing millions of $$ in campaign money to pay Trump’s legal fees.

Trump and the RNC have almost no ground game in any state.  On the other side, the DNC and the Biden-Harris campaign are flush with cash, more rolling in, and all of it being used for local campaigns, offices, field workers, and the like.

Post-debate polls gave Biden a 1% uptick across the nation.  A major post-debate Hispanic focus group reported a 10% drop in Hispanic support for Trump — which was not very heavy to start with.

Trump’s ratings have been stuck for years.  He has a hard core of MAGAt supporters, but he is bleeding independents, women, minorities, and many Republicans who say they simply will not vote for President.  Biden, meanwhile, is picking up independents, women, young people, minorities and all the other undecided or usual Democratic supporters.

The lesson for us Democrats is to take a deep breath, work to elect Biden-Harris, and ignore the freakout crowd, including the pro-Trump NYTimes and Washington Post.