When Trump loses in November, will there be another January 6 ? No, will not happen.

I continue to hear comments that Trump’s followers would be unlikely to take to the streets in protest following a guilty verdict in the New York election interference trial, and probably not even when  he loses in November. Let’s think about why there will be no insurrection —  neither after he is convicted nor after he loses in November.

First, the trial. Trump has been complaining about the absence of protestors outside the courthouse. Naturally, he blames everyone but himself. The Circus Trump Wanted Outside His Trial Hasn’t Arrived:

Mr. Trump sought to cast the poor turnout as more evidence of a plot against him. In a post at 8:50 a.m., he implied that would-be MAGA protesters were being discriminated against for political reasons.

The police aren’t scaring his “supporters” away. Trump supporters simply are not there.  They don’t have the energy. Or the time. Or whatever. But MAGAts are not heeding the call. Now, when the case goes to the jury, there’s no way to know in advance when the verdict will come in, so it’s not likely the faithful will gather and stay in front of the courthouse (which isn’t a big space anyway) waiting to see if the jury and the judge crucify their savior. It is possible the Trump machine may organize groups around the country to demonstrate over the verdict either way, but the record of Trump rallies hasn’t been encouraging (eg, Donald Trump’s Crowd Size Raises Questions — about the Saturday rally in NJ). So, we may see some scattered noise-makers, but I predict nothing substantial or seriously disruptive.

An additional reason I say this is that the January 6th rioters are now paying the price for that disruption, and seeing other people get arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to prison for doing what they did tends to cause others who want to do the same thing to hesitate before doing so.

This is why I also think that when (I say, when) the would-be Mussolini loses in November, there will be at most scattered demonstrations and disruptions, but no army of the disaffected marching on Washington in The Name of the Lord Trump. A rational president is in charge and he is not about to play the same games with the police and DOD and the National Guard that the previous tenant of the White House indulged in. Any attempt to disrupt the workings of government this time will be dealt with as it deserves. This administration is not only aware of the possibility, it is making plans to protect the seat of democracy from violence.

This will not necessarily dissuade the truly crazy, so we are likely to see small protests, some destruction, and some people will be hurt and some may be killed. Let us hope not. But I predict that there will not be an insurrection similar to the last one.

The Senate is looking good for Democrats in 2024

While the Senate is looking good for Democrats in 2024, we all MUST GET OUT AND VOTE AND TAKE ALL OUR DEMOCRATIC FRIENDS WITH US.

Among Senate Republicans’ top targets this cycle, Arizona initially looked promising. While Senate Democrats are defending seats in even tougher territory such as Ohio and Montana, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s retirement in Arizona left Democrats fighting to protect a seat no longer anchored by a Democratic incumbent.

But election denier and MAGA diehard Kari Lake, the likely GOP nominee, is upending Senate Republicans’ calculus in the state. Arizona Republicans are privately wincing at Lake’s chances, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently declined to name Arizona as a seat they are focused on flipping.

Lake’s likely Democratic challenger, Rep. Ruben Gallego, is currently lapping her in fundraising while Senate Democrats are also roundly outgunning their GOP counterparts.

The Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC has reserved $23 million in ad buys for the fall, according to Politico, while Senate Republicans are still holding their fire.

And Gallego, who has already spent $7.9 million in advertising, ended March with $9.6 million in cash on hand. Lake has spent just $170,000 in advertising to date, with $2.5 million on hand.

But amid all the GOP doomsayers, one Senate Republican voiced a refreshingly contrarian view of Lake’s apparent collapse.

Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, the Senate GOP’s third in command, argued that Lake’s dire cash flow problem was just par for the course among Republicans. Barrasso said he is “expecting that just about every Republican candidate is going to be outspent.”

Barrasso, who reportedly speaks with Lake often, argued that Republicans couldn’t afford to turn their backs on Arizona.

“To me, Arizona is a top-tier state. Because it’s an open Senate seat,” he told Politico.

Barrasso’s first assertion is correct: Democratic candidates and incumbents are already crushing Republicans in fundraising.

But precisely because that’s true, Senate Republicans may have no choice but to abandon a potential nominee who is already flailing. The competition to suck up Senate GOP resources is already on and the budget will likely only get tighter. That’s at least partially why McConnell is presently training his sights on flipping fewer than a handful of seats: Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. That could change but, for now, Senate Republicans don’t have much room to maneuver.

And Lake certainly can’t count on help from Donald Trump, who is beginning to see her as more of roadblock to his election than a help. Trump’s Arizona operation is damn near nonexistent, according to fresh reporting from The Washington Post.

“There is no sign of life,” Kim Owens, an Arizona Republican operative, told the Post. “Especially in a state that Trump lost so closely last time, you’d expect to have more of a presence. I would think, ‘Let’s step it up.’ I think it’s a terrible mistake.”

Memo to “Justice” Thomas: Go Fuck Yourself

Anyone who lives in Washington, D.C., and says they hate it here have almost always, with rare exceptions, never made the actual Washington their home. They have limited themselves to the halls of power, they have spent their years focused on obtaining power, and they only view their experience here through the prism of power.

It is in this context that one must regard Justice Clarence Thomas’s latest attack on the city that has provided him with a federal government job since the late 1970s.

“I think what you are going to find and especially in Washington, people pride themselves on being awful. It is a hideous place as far as I’m concerned,” Thomas told the audience at the Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference, per the Associated Press, on Friday.

It is, however, a “hideous place” that Thomas has used to amass a fortune and to obtain increasing positions of power over the decades. Ever since he reached his perch on the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991, he has used that position to provide others within positions of power with access to the Supreme Court’s building; to establish and build relationships with the rich and powerful; and, finally, to create his own network of power among his former clerks.

“Trump Tower” is a largely empty, ugly landmark

Even Trump’s websites lie.

The internet home of Trump Tower is a work of fiction. If you click the “Retail” tab, the link invites you to “EXPLORE OUR IMPRESSIVE PORTFOLIO OF RETAIL TENANTS.” A picture boasts that Gucci, Tiffany, and Starbucks have set up shop there.



The Dining section is headlined by the “Trump Cafe.” However, you cannot eat there. It is closed for renovations. Trump promises a reopening in the spring. But if you believe that, you might be a MAGA.


The chief retail tenant is the Trump Store — where you can buy his second-rate branded merchandise at a premium. How about a scented candle for $48? Mother’s Day is in two weeks. No? Wise choice. For less expensive schlock, you can go to the Trump gift shop. Which, for some reason, features campaign merch from 2020 — and looks like it would be at home in a train station.

Filled with “Trump 2020” merchandise. Does anyone work here?

However, you can no longer patronize Ivanka’s jewelry store. She bailed in 2017.

The facility itself is a shadow of its past glory. The Trump Organization website hyperventilates: “One of the most notable features of Trump Tower is the breath-taking 60-foot waterfall embellishing the eastern wall of the building.”  The building has turned the water off. So you must use your imagination while staring at a tall wall.

“Waterfall” at Trump Tower
As part of a deal with the City in which Trump was allowed to increase the building’s square footage, he included two public terraces. They are now closed to the public. The smaller, still visible interior space is straggly and untended. The large glass doors that once opened onto the second, grander terrace are now mirrored over and locked.

The currency exchange behind Trump as he descended the escalator to make his announcement in 2015 is no more. Its space stands empty, collecting dust – a bleak reminder that no one wants it.


And nothing screams elegance like a plastic garbage can and a baby’s chair.

Photo: Nell Scovell Daily Beast

Trump lied about the size of his apartment in Trump Tower — it is 11,000 sq ft, not 30,000. He lied about the height of the building — it is 58 stories, not 68. And on his website, he lies about the view. The picture below was taken from somewhere on Central Park South. Trump Tower is three blocks south of the Park on the other side of 5th Ave.


Trump Tower was always ugly. The exterior design is derivative and boring. The public spaces were designed to appeal to an unimaginative and esthetically challenged, outer-borough boy with the taste of an Albanian crime boss.

The only people who would appreciate it are people who cannot afford to live there. Although, if they wait for a second, the desperate owners of Trump Tower apartments may soon take ‘any reasonable offer’.

Now that their attempts to impeach Biden and Mayorkas, and to put Hunter Biden in jail, Gym Jordan and Dumbass Comer are going after Merrick Garland

House Republicans’ attempt to impeach President Joe Biden has fizzled out. But the two members tasked with the job, Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Oversight Chair James Comer,  needing to atone for their failure, have picked another fight: threatening to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt over the Department of Justice’s refusal to provide the audio recordings of Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur in the classified documents probe. 

Garland is refusing to play their game. 

On Thursday, the DOJ refused for a second time to provide that audio, arguing that it has complied in full with the committees’ subpoenas for information. It provided both the transcription of the Biden interview as well as Hur’s interview with Biden’s ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer for Jordan’s big disaster of a hearing. Two months ago, it even gave Jordan and Comer access to two of the classified documents, which Comer insisted were critical to his investigations.

But Comer “has not yet taken us up on our offer,” DOJ Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote.

In Uriarte’s first letter to Jordan and Comer earlier this month, he detailed all of the information they had provided in response to their demands and subpoenas.

“The Committees’ reaction is difficult to explain in terms of any lack of information or frustration of any informational or investigative imperative, given the Department’s actual conduct,” Uriarte wrote. “We are therefore concerned that the Committees are disappointed not because you didn’t receive information, but because you did.”

Uriarte reiterated that point Thursday.

“It seems that the more information you receive, the less satisfied you are, and the less justification you have for contempt, the more you rush towards it,” he wrote. “[T]he Committees’ inability to identify a need for these audio files grounded in legislative or impeachment purposes raises concerns about what other purposes they might serve.”

Those purposes are clearly political. They need to keep up the fight against Biden and are scrambling for whatever they can get. They also probably believe that the audio of the interview could be damaging to Biden. Hur’s report included gratuitous hits about Biden’s age and mental acuity, so Jordan and Comer want to play it during their hearings, knowing that the media would eat that up.

Uriarte outlined the DOJ’s concern about that, writing that it would impinge on Biden’s privacy and that “courts have recognized the privacy interest in one’s voice—including tone, pauses, emotional reactions, and cues—is distinct from the privacy interest in a written transcript of one’s conversation.”

He also implied that Comer and Jordan can’t be trusted with the audio, writing that it could be manipulated by “cutting, erasing, and splicing.”

That’s a safe assumption on Uriarte’s part.

After basically crying “uncle” on impeaching Biden on influence peddling, being humiliated over their Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment stunt, and losing on Ukraine and government funding, Jordan and Comer are itching for revenge.

But the DOJ has called them on it.

“The Committees have demanded information you know we have principled reasons to protect, and then accused us of obstruction for upholding those principles,” Uriarte wrote. “This deepens our concern that the Committees may be seeking conflict for conflict’s sake.”