Why there will NOT be another Jan 6 when Trump is indicted or convicted

Even with Trump shouting from his loser Russian sponsored TruthSocial for his supporters to “Take America back,” the revolution will not be televised — hell, it will not even happen.

Reason number 1:  The most militant wackjobs who might actually do something either are being prosecuted or are already in jail from Jan 6. 

Reason number 2:  The almost as militant and slightly less wackjobs who might actually do something WATCHED the more militant ones fail and get beat in court and ratted out by everyone they knew including their own families.  

Reason 3:  Law enforcement is preparing for it, and they are telling everyone they are preparing for it.   Trump has no control over law enforcement anymore, he can’t tamper with which police forces will be around Manhattan, or who in the Secret Service will be with him.  Even in Florida, the Governor is a snake and his #1 rival for the election.  

I know everyone has had little patience for the Justice Department working to make our democracy safe but they HAVE been working.  We will see, I think soon, if they have done enough or not.  In the end I think all MAGAts are cowards, they only act when anger overcomes their cowardness.  Now they know what will happen — they have learned the meaning of “Fuck Around, Find Out.”

Excepting a possible “lone wolf” or two.