Trump cannot keep his mouth shut . . . dumbass Trump followers love it . . . and so do the prosecutors

Donald Trump’s inability to keep his motor-mouth shut about his legal problems, and his penchant for floating possible defenses on his social media accounts, will likely come back to haunt him, explained one legal expert.

During an appearance on MSNBC early Sunday morning, former Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner was asked by host Katie Phang about the former president’s inability to keep quiet while he is under multiple investigations.

Brought on to talk about a report that new government documents were recovered from President Joe Biden’s home, Kirschner first pointed out the distinction between the Biden investigation and special counsel Jack Smith looking at obstruction by Trump over his Mar-a-Lago documents.

That led host Phang to ask, “We do know that Donald Trump, and you mentioned it a couple of minutes ago, he is his own worst enemy. He cannot shut up. He posted on Truth Social, for example, that these were ‘cool keepsake folders that the Gestapo, the FBI took when they raided Mar-a-Lago,’ quote.”

“Does he keep on making admissions and confessions every time he opens his mouth with a post on Truth Social?” she asked.


“He does, that is incriminating evidence from heaven for prosecutors,” the legal analyst replied. “One, somebody who is the target of a criminal probe, which he clearly is, special counsel Jack Smith is investigating these precise crimes, the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.”

“Everything he says, everything he posts is what we call it an admission by a party opponent,” he elaborated. “It’s not hearsay, it comes in as criminal information.”

“When Donald Trump says, on the one hand, the FBI planted them, on the other hand, okay, if they are there I declassified them with my mind. On the next post, well, you know, it was a bunch of empty folders — we know that to be untrue,” he continued. “All of this may play to a certain segment of the base. You know who won’t play too? When prosecutors line it all up and present it to 12 people in the jury box. It’s not going to play to a jury.”

All of which raises the question:
Who is more stupid:  Trump or the people who worship him?