Memo to Kyle Rittenhouse: Go fuck yourself

Kyle Rittenhouse has spoken out during an interview with Sebastian Gorka on the America First podcast about how “unfair” it is that events he was scheduled to appear at keep getting canceled.

Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty of murdering two people during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020 and has since turned into a Republican poster boy, hit out at the “woke mob” who he blames for his planned public appearances being scrapped by companies.

On Friday, the Southern Star Brewing Company in Conroe, Texas, announced it would be pulling out of hosting a right-wing “Rally Against Censorship” event where Rittenhouse was due to appear. The company said the event did not “reflect our own values,” adding “we don’t do rallies, we make beer for people who like beer.”

It has also been confirmed that a private reception at the Oak Room in Las Vegas’ Venetian Resort scheduled for today that was due to feature Rittenhouse has also been canceled. In a statement, the Grand Canal Shoppes said the event, which was sponsored by the National Association for Gun Rights, did not “align with our property’s core event guidelines.”

When asked by Gorka about the Texas rally being nixed, Rittenhouse said: “I was supposed to be giving a speech at Southern Star Brewery with Defiance Press, and they booted us because the woke mob found out I posted about it.”

Why would anyone go anywhere to listen to this fool speak?  He’s barely a high school graduate and has nothing of any consequence to say.  He’s being played for a fool by the NRA who will dump him like a bad habit after his shine has worn off . . . which will not be long.