Joe and Donald are mechanics working at an auto repair shop

Donald has a history of being shady and disagreeable with customers and co-workers. Donald is fired. He packs and leaves with his personal tools. The shop notices a very significant amount of their tools are gone as well. They contact Donald, who says he doesn’t have them. The shop presses him and he then claims he has only a few of the missing shop tools. When the shop insists he must have more, Donald wants to negotiate on the return of any more tools he may have, and even claims some of the tools with the shop logo are his. Exasperated, the shop manager contacts law enforcement. The police obtain a warrant and search Donald’s property, discovering many more shop tools.

Joe retires. Joe discovers a few smaller shop tools mixed in with his tools that he brought home. He returns them immediately. As the weeks go on and he tinkers with projects at home, he periodically discovers a few more and returns those as well. He assures the shop he will return any more he discovers. The shop manager doesn’t contact law enforcement.

Donald wonders why they were treated differently when both had taken shop tools home.