I am so goddam tired of the bullshit about Joe Biden’s age

Trump is almost the same age — 78 compared to Biden’s 80.  But let’s compare something else:  Physical fitness.

Biden did not answer any questions from reporters during the outing.
President and Ms. Biden on their daily bike ride near their Delaware home.


LIV Golf has announced plans for a 14-event league schedule in 2023, while also introducing promotion and relegation through its International Series along with an end-of-season qualifying tournament. AP
Obese, out of breath, out of shape, old fat man who lives in a motel at a Florida golf course.

Not only is Trump Biden’s age, he is in horrible physical shape.  Trump claims to be 6’3″, 215 lbs — that’s the height and weight of a lot of NFL quarterbacks.  Does Trump look like an NFL quarterback to you?

During his presidency, Trump was rushed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center three times with mini strokes — how many had Biden had (HINT:  ZERO).  Ever see Trump on a bicycle?

Trump is old, fat, lazy, and stupid.  I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t drop dead before November 2024.  Joe Biden will bury him.