Giuliani “adviser” disappears — back to Russia? sleeping with the fishes?

Giuliani adviser, Katherine Friess, who knew everything, has disappeared off the map. She was involved in everything shady.  Is she a Russian asset who has been called back home, or has she been offed?

She’d previously worked for lobbyist Charlie Black, who worked with Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

The first email Politico reviewed to Giuliani was Friess complaining about her restricted access to mail-in ballots being counted in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She went so far as to sign a declaration about her entitlement to observe, but it never seemed to be included in any legal filing the reporters could locate.

“In the document, Friess said she was an approved Republican Party observer and spent two hours watching the process at a Pittsburgh canvassing center on the morning of Nov. 3, 2020,” the report said. She added that she didn’t have a good view of the counting and reviewing.

“I do not believe any of these ballots should be allowed to be part of the final vote tally,” she wrote.

Friess explained that she was a lawyer who ran a national security company. “Public filings indicate the firm, Seven Good Stones, is located in Colorado, which is also where Friess — in one of her only public actions in recent years — sued to block a Jan. 6 select committee subpoena for her phone records,” the report said. Both in Washington, D.C. and in Colorado, her law licenses are inactive.

On Dec. 17, 2020, as Trump’s efforts to stay in power suffered a series of court defeats, Friess circulated a draft message to the White House seeking security clearances for a group of people, including Giuliani and Kerik. The message, apparently aimed at the White House chief of staff, referred to an unidentified “project” and a classified “Directive.” …

Friess sent Kerik another email added Conan Hayes, a former professional surfer who worked with Trump’s post-election legal team. Hayes’ involvement has been widely reported but not fully understood; he has ties to Patrick Byrne, the former CEO.

It’s unclear if the cryptic request for security clearances was ever forwarded to the White House. Nor is it clear what “project” Friess was referring to or why Giuliani’s team felt they needed security clearances — which, if granted, would have given them access to classified materials.The discussion of security clearances came at the same time that other Trump allies, led by lawyer Sidney Powell, were urging Trump to issue an executive order that would have directed the military or federal agencies to seize voting machines.

She apparently got involved near the end with the extra-crazies Trump gathered when others backed off.

  • She should have been affluent enough to leave the country or hide.
  • Could have been a Russian agent who was withdrawn as the scheme to keep Trump in power came apart.
  • Suicide — lots of wilderness to disappear in in CO.
  • Or maybe she knew too much, was quietly talking with Jack Smith, and now she “sleeps with the fishes.”

“At least one third-party, Katherine Friess … has vanished,” Politico cited Freeman and Moss’ attorneys explaining last month. “Despite months of efforts, including extensive investigation and an order from this Court authorizing Plaintiffs to serve Katherine Friess by alternative service … Ms. Friess has never responded to Plaintiffs’ subpoenas nor provided documentary evidence, and Defendant Giuliani has declined to say where she might be.”